Analog business metrics and measurements of ‘success'
are now your countdown to inevitable demise.

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Predictive analytics should be replaced with persuasive analytics. Social media enables never-before-seen levels of communication and data collection.

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The business environment -and society as a whole- is drastically changing. Companies can die, survive, or thrive and it is our intention to guide and empower those that want to thrive.


Stop Improving, Start Innovating

Robotic Process Automation. Big Data. Internet of Things. Predictive Analytics. Machine Learning. Blockchain.


The power of these new technologies is almost beyond comprehension.
Almost. Surdak & Co. exists to provide hands-on guidance on the use of leading technologies such as Social Media, Data Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Cryptography, and Blockchain.


These are disruptive technologies that lead to entirely new outcomes, but only if they are applied in new ways to achieve new outcomes.

If you deploy, manage, and measure these tools the same way you did previous technologies, you will fail spectacularly.


We can prevent this.


Our team of experience analysts, technologists, and thought leaders work in partnership with our clients. Each of our leaders has decades of experience in deploying the latest technologies in real world applications in some of the largest organizations in the world. Technologies come and go, but the knowledge and experience required to successfully deploy disruptive technologies is hard earned and we've been there.


Digital Transformation is not a buzzword, it's real.

For two hundred years our society has transformed from feudalism to capitalism. This has created astronomical wealth and created vastly better lives for most of humanity. We have applied the 'Analog Trinity' of Bureaucracy, Process and Rules to create ever-more capital wealth, and we have refined our use of this trinity to create the world around us.

But, we are entering a new social Age; the Information Age. Here, wealth is based upon information and is created using the 'Digital Trinity' of Mobility, Social Media and Analytics. This is the central theme of Digital Transformation; you must switch from capital wealth to information wealth, and you must realign from the Analog Trinity to the Digital Trinity, fast.