Cryptography, cyber currencies, and digital contracts use to exist only in the realm of science fiction.  Today, they are rapidly becoming the latest digital disruption to the Analog Trinity of Bureaucracy, Process and Rules. With the coming of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies our society has entered unchartered territory in creating, managing and exchanging value.

These technologies are advancing rapidly, and their impact extends far beyond the world of online payments. The latest innovations include smart contracts, self-auditing and self-executing business processes, and fully distributed decision making.  While there is an extraordinary amount of hyperbole surrounding these new technologies it is clear that they will have an impact far beyond electronic payments.  Our services in this arena help clients gauge the potential benefits and shortcomings of putting these new technologies to work.

Our Crypto Solution Areas include:

1. Blockchain

While blockchain technology is simple in concept, its implications are vast.  The ability to perform certain, verifiable, triple-column accounting in a distributed network may radically change how most business processes operate.  The growth of the Internet in the 1990’s created the world of online business, vastly eclipsing the old methods of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).  Blockchain looks set to do to the Internet what the Internet did to the memo, fax and modem.

Our services in Blockchain help our clients understand the fundamentals of this new technology and the implications for their businesses – now and in the future. From exploratory ideation to the development and launch of prototype or production systems, our technology deployment experts can guide your efforts in putting blockchain to work.