Digital Trinity

There are four elements to the Currency of Power. The content of these elements have changed throughout human history but their function has remained the same:

Basis of Power: How does power manifest in the transaction?
Distribution of Power: How is the contract maintained; how is it distributed?
Management of Power: How is power allocated, tracked and managed?
Control of Power: How is the allocation of power controlled?

There have been four Trinities over the millennia that enabled and allocated power. These Trinities have shaped how all of humanity interacts on every level of our existence. They govern the social contracts under which we operate – the transfer of power from one entity to another. They are:

  • The Tool Trinity
    • Basis: Knowledge of tools
      • Distribution: Language
      • Management: Storytelling
      • Control: Teaching
  • The Dirt Trinity
    • Basis: Land
      • Distribution: Heredity
      • Management: Edict
      • Control: Violence
  • The Analog Trinity
    • Basis: Capital
      • Distribution: Bureaucracy
      • Management: Process
      • Control: Rules
  • The Digital Trinity
    • Basis: Information
      • Distribution: Mobility
      • Management: Social Media
      • Control: Analytics

The Ubers and Airbnbs of today and the future are those organizations that understand how to take full advantage of the Digital Trinity.