Information Valuation

As discussed in “Jerk” information is taking over for capital as the basis of wealth and power in our world.  Information companies such as Alphabet, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are dominating the world’s economy; taking over from traditional, capital-centric organizations.  Realigning your organization to this new world order is critical for your success, and your survival.

Our Information Valuation (IV) solutions help our clients discover and put to work the untapped information wealth that exists in their organization. 

Our (IV) Solution Areas include:

1. Information Governance

Most organizations track all of their capital assets down to the penny.  Those same companies generally maintain strong governance of perhaps 5 percent of their information.  In a world where information is rapidly becoming the source of business wealth this is not only uncompetitive, it’s reckless. Our Information Governance solutions assist clients in discovering the untapped information assets in their organization, and how to put them to work in generating more information wealth.

2. Mergers & Acquisitions

Most companies invest heavily in financial and legal due diligence when purchasing another entity.  But what about information due diligence? What information does the target company hold? What risks or opportunities might be hidden in that information? Might that information prove or disprove the results of all of your other due diligence efforts? In our M&A solutions we assist clients in understanding information assets and liabilities, both before and after an acquisition.

3. Private Equity

In Private Equity transparency is critical to ensuring adequate risk management and solid returns on investment. As in Mergers & Acquisitions, identifying and managing information assets and liabilities of a business are critical to building a successful investment portfolio.  Using tools and techniques matured in the world of electronic discovery, our Private Equity solutions can deliver previously unheard of levels of transparency in the operations of a business, ensuring their performance to investors.